ACT is dedicated to the R-E-S-C-U-E of vulnerable animals in the all areas of Oudtshoorn. In order for ACT to be successful we concentrate on the following core principles: R=Rehabilitation, E=Education, S=Sterilisation, C=Care of Animals, U=Upliftment of both the community as well as their animals, E=Encouragement.
We work in all communities where Education on Animal Welfare is key to improving the lives of all animals. We are working hard on getting dogs off short tangled static chains onto longer running chains. In the rural areas not everyone can afford to fence in their houses and therefore chained dogs are the norm. We have already experienced great support in the communities we are working in. However we do need donations of wire, chain and collars in order to assist the poorer families who can only manage a small financial contribution. ACT is also committed in this new cycle that we are moving into, to work closely with the other animal welfare organisations and individuals. Many of the Oudtshoorn Community have asked the question; Why so many welfare organisations? The answer is simply “The need out there is so overwhelmingly dire that no one organisation can handle it on its own.” We believe that if we can all identify our key areas and mutual goals we can alleviate/eliminate the suffering of animals in Oudtshoorn, together.
We are busy with various projects: Chained Dogs, Feral Cats and Sterilisations
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